I believe in the power of a photograph...

I believe in the power of a photograph, calling for pause and reflection. 

I believe the power an image has in conveying our pride, joy and journey.

As a wife, mother, and human on this earth, I have learned of the value, and passing, of time. 

I have learned of a woman's incredible power to grow, carry and birth a child. 

I have learned of the breathtaking wonder that surrounds newborn babies. 

And I have learned how quickly a time we’ve longed for, 


and is 


You are incredibly and wonderfully made, just as the child you carry. 

This is your legacy and life's crowning glory. I want to preserve this moment for you with images that will adorn your memories.

I will capture a glimpse of this time in your life, 

with reflection and admiration for the journey you have made. I celebrate with you through my life's work, maternity and newborn photography.