I've been thinking a lot about pregnancy... I mean I guess that's not shocking coming from a maternity and newborn photographer. But, I suppose I was thinking about my own pregnancies, and how wildly amazing the whole thing really is. What really struck me as I was thinking, was how pregnancy becomes such this small blip on our timeline into parenthood.

While pregnant, it seems all consuming. It is this huge, exciting, and maybe a little terrifying, thing happening in your life. I could almost say pregnancy becomes some temporary form of identity. Everything becomes something. There is lots of worries, excitement, and learning about our bodies in a way that we might not be familiar with. There are lots of google searches, doctor appointments, and so much thinking about the future. You go from being your normal everyday self, to growing a belly the size of a watermelon, in a matter of months. Before you know it, it's over and you have this tiny little baby and a whole new future ahead of you!

For me, pregnancy is such a vivid memory, yet so distant the further away from it I get. When I look back on my pregnancies, it's just a recollection of this amazing thing my body did once upon a time. It's hard to wrap my head around sometimes. I know I'm a HUGE over-thinker, so maybe it's not that deep and thought provoking for all of you, but it's a memory I get lost in often.

I'm LOVE that I get to document this short, yet hugely significant time, in the lives of my clients. If you're on the fence about wanting to have maternity portraits done, I say DO IT! Let someone (of course I hope that someone is me 😉) document this part of your journey in a beautiful way that will remind you of this cherished time for years to come!

kansas city metro maternity outdoor photography session couple standing in tall grass
pregnant mother stands with her significant other at sunset in open field
mother to be gently holding and looking at her belly at shawnee mission park in Kansas
mom and dad to be hold hands looking at each other
pregnant woman rests a hand gently on her chest as her other cradles her pregnant belly
maternity photography session kansas city
mother to be wrapped in the embrace of her partner
couple holds hands walking through tall summer grass
parents expecting their first child sit on blanket posed for photoshoot
professional maternity photography couple near lake
mother to be posed for photography session with kansas city photographer
lake side maternity photoshoot
man and woman share a kiss during their maternity portrait session
mom and dad cuddled together smiling at her pregnant belly
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pregnancy photoshoot in Shawnee KS