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It’s time to go over styling and choose colors for your newborn session! But where do you start? I’d love to chat a little about that today, and give you some ideas that will help you work with your photographer to choose colors, and props for your newborn photography session.


When it comes to styling newborn sessions, I always start by having parents fill out my styling questionnaire. This brief questionnaire goes over colors they’d like included in their session, if there are any specific props they’ve seen me use that they love, and what they plan on doing with the photos. If you're not sure how to answer these questions, keep reading!


Ask yourself what  your plan is for the photos? Do you plan to hang them in your home? Put them in a photo album? Send out birth announcements? The more you think about the goal for your photos, the more you may realize there are specific things you want and/or need from the session. 


If you plan on displaying the images in your home, think about the colors of the spaces you’d want to display your images. What neutral color tones are there (gray, white, browns etc)? What accent colors are there (green, blue, yellow etc.)? Including similar colors and tones in your newborn session will help your images look, and feel, like they are an intentional part of your space and decor. I usually like to have a mix of neutrals and accent colors for each session.


Along with my last point for choosing colors, thinking about the decor styles in these spaces can help you decide on specific props. Is your space rustic? You might like a rust colored bucket on a brown wood floor. Or how about shabby chic? Let's put baby in a white wooden box, on a white wood floor. Maybe you’re looking for something more modern and simplistic like a solid color for the “floor,” and a simple prop.


You can go through these same thought processes if you plan to put together an album, or send out birth announcements. Look at birth announcements before your baby arrives. If you pick out a template, show it to your photographer. Take note of what design elements and colors you are drawn to. Do you like a boho style with more muted colors? Do you like bold jewel tones? Or something traditional with baby pink/blue? Maybe you're drawn to minimalistic styles and love the simplicity of black and white?


Knowing what the plan is for your final images can also help in communicating with your photographer if there are specific needs for orientation (vertical or horizontal), or poses. I've had clients in the past who love to get a similar shot for each of their children, or who have a specific frame, or spot on the wall they are trying to fill.


Whatever it might be, we can mix and match many elements to includes what you love, along with our personal look and styles as photographers! The more specifics and information you can give your photographer, the better they can style a session for you. At the end of the day, if you love it all, feel free to hand over artistic freedom to your portrait artist. We will gladly take the lead in designing something beautiful for you!


Here's a session I had recently, in which the styling really spoke to me. I LOVE white and green color combos 😍. Mom mentioned in her questionnaire that baby's nursery is sage green, so we chose tones that would compliment, and look beautiful in that space.


If you need more help, guidance, or want to chat ideas for your newborn session, send me a message and let's talk!

close up newborn baby boy sleeping tucked into blanket
profile backlit shot of baby boy
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mother and father posed holding sleeping baby
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father and mother looking at their newborn baby
newborn sleeping on soft white blanket in wood bowl
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baby boy on grey blanket taken by sarah savage, kansas city newborn photographer
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