Well... I know it’s been quiet on my page more often then not... I mean let's be real, more than quiet, it’s straight up DEAD! SOOO I hope you don’t mind if I pop on here once i a blue moon to revive it with a little cuteness! Since you know, that seems to be my style.

I’m sure I mentioned it before... and I’m not saying I won’t say it again, but seriously.. chunky babies!!! Do I even need to explain?! They melt me!! And let’s just say, Miss Olivia did not disappoint! This adorable little angel visited my home studio in May. Yeah... I’ve been holding out on you guys that long. I’m sorry!

As I prepared for, and styled, Olivia’s session I was totally feeling the end of spring time vibes. I envisioned light, soft, and beautifully feminine. I wanted to keep it simple and really highlight her. That’s my style. What I crave to create the most. Minimalist, clean, plain.. whatever you want to call it... SIMPLE is my thing. I’ve never been over the top with the props, but, rather, enjoy small accents that add to the image and don’t distract from the focus. A little texture, a touch of ruffle, a soft color that compliments skin tone, an accessories that echo the dainty features of a newborn.

Stepping outside of the creative aspect of the styling for this session, I too am excited about the technical aspect of my in-home studio space, and setup! In May I shared a blog post about my first session I took in a room I had hoped to use as my studio space. You can read that post HERE for all the details, but needless to say the space just wasn’t going to


Now I’m here to fill you in on that update.. if you care to know I suppose... I’m sure I give ya’ll way to much credit for caring about this boring stuff, but at the end of the day these blog posts become like my journal.. a record of my work and progress... ANYWAYS, side tracked much?! As I was saying, for those of you who have been DYING for an

update , our dining room was the next option for available space. I’m happy to report that it worked out wonderfully!!! It is still a tight fit with everything I have setup, and o course I dream of having a big roomy studio, but for now I’m excited to have a space that can work for me!

Maybe one day I’ll get around to photographing my new workspace to show you. Now I sound like the old lady who’s showing you pictures of her grandkids that you didn’t ask t see. Well, let’s just hope that some beautiful newborn photos are part of that proud grandmas gallery. Maybe they were taken in someones dining room ;-). Okay, enough rambling

from me, enjoy this cute little munchkin! ♥