Blue springs, MO newborn photographer serving the Kansas city area

Adding another child to your family is a beautiful time; and getting to experience your newborn through the eyes of your other child(ren) is so special. The arrival of a baby is such a pivotal point for families, and I'm here to capture it all!


Newborn sessions that include siblings sometimes have added challenges, and that's what I wanted to talk about a bit today. It's easy to get caught up in the idea of perfect portraits of your kiddos smiling, and loving on their baby brother or sister... believe me, I want those too 😍. However, I think it's important to remember all of the factors that are at play when it comes to including young children, and newborns, in photos together. I want my clients, and I, to maintain realistic expectations of how everything is going to play out, so that we all come to the session prepared for the best outcome.


One of the first things I ask when we are including siblings in a newborn session, is the ages of the other children. This key information helps me to know where each child is at developmentally, and what they will be capable of during the session. Some siblings are old enough to sit and hold baby securely, and others might not want to have anything to do with taking pictures. I take all of this into consideration, and adjust my approach to photographing each unique family.


I haven't had a sibling yet (knock on wood) that I wasn't able to capture with their new baby brother or sister. However, some of them definitely took a bit more time, a lot of patience, and gave me a run for my money. It's this time and patience that I want my clients to prepare for, because it can make all the difference when photographing your little ones, and is often the key to success. So, mom and dad, take some deep breaths, and don't forget to bring patience along with you😉. 


 Capturing photos of your families is so important to me, and I aim to tailor each session to serve the needs of all who will be photographed. Being flexible with your little ones, and respectful of their capabilities and comfortability, is a key piece to the service I offer.


Little baby Nola and her family did such a wonderful job during their session, and I love the images we were able to capture of them. Big brother and sister have the most infectious smiles, and I can’t help but grin when I see these photos.

family posed in studio session on white background
newborn baby and 2 children laying on white flokati fur
family of 5 mom dad and siblings admire newborn baby girl
infant in metal wire basket with purple blanket and dried lavender
close up image of baby in rustic prop resting chin on hands
newborn baby girl in rustic style prop
baby wrapped in white laying on white fur
baby girl sleeping on pink blanket hands under cheek
collage of close ups of baby girl sleeping during studio newborn session
baby wrapped in pink sleeping in basket stuffed with pink fur
close up profile of newborn girl
infant posed laying on tummy with chin resting on hands
baby sleeping on mint colored blanket
baby girl posed for newborn studio photo shoot in blue springs missouri
close up of newborn's face on soft mint blanket