Well, it only took 2 months for my family and I to get settled after our move to the Kansas City area! Is that a long time?! It feels like it’s been forever!! How long does it take yo to adjust after a move?

Maybe I should only speak for myself, because I’m pretty sure my husband and son have felt right at home since week one. I don’t know why it takes me so long to mentally adjust, but alas, I’m getting there! Everything is unpacked, and mostly in its place; and I’m feeling familiar and comfortable with our new neighborhood, church, and husbands schedule. All that means I’ve finally been able to shift some of my energy, and focus back to photography! YAY!!!

Our new home isn’t very big, but one of the things I was really excited and looking forward to was the potential of having a home studio! The space available is quite small (8×11 feet), and I had my doubts about it working, but was determined to at least give it a try. This is where darling little Finley comes in!

Finley was such a doll, and so easy to work with. She was wide awake and quite curious when mom and dad arrived with her, but after a feed, and good swaddle, she was off to dream land and slept the whole session!

My vision for this session was to continue with my spring time inspiration, including florals and light spring colors. I am SO thrilled with how these images turned out!!

Sadly, I wasn’t so thrilled with how my potential studio space worked out :-(. It was tight, like I knew it would be, and I didn’t have the freedom to move my light around as

needed. I had to do a lot of shifting around to make this session work, and I was hoping to avoid all of that with having my own space.

Being a traveling newborn photographer, for about a year, had its pros and cons. My clients loved not having to leave the house with their newborn, and I was so thrilled that I could offer that for them. It was nice not having to deep clean my house before every session, and I didn’t have to kick my husband and son out of the house for 3 hours. However it was always a challenge making the small available spaces work. My set up was a little different every time, which made it difficult to keep my work consistent. And most of all, felt all the shuffling equipment around, the set up and break down, was adding a lot of time to how long I was in my clients homes.

Newborn photography takes a lot of time, patience, and attention to detail. And while I pride myself on all of that, and my final images, I want the whole process to be smooth an as quick as possible. I know my client’s time is valuable, and they would rather be spending precious time bonding with their little one, and catching up on all the sleep the can squeeze in!

Where do I go from here you might ask? Well... my dining room... I think.. I will need to do some trial and error run throughs to determine if that option will work, but for now I’m hopeful. So keep your fingers crossed for me and I’ll be updating you all here on my blog when I get it figured out!

– Sarah Savage –

Kansas City Newborn Photographer 

Kansas City Newborn Photographer – Sarah Savage Photography