*cracking knuckles* Here we go guys! My first blog post since....2015! Gasp!!!!

So I’m trying my hand at this blogging thing again! Sometimes I just have something I really want to share with you about a session, and I think blogging will be the best way to do that. Sooo if you care to read a little about my session with Gigi, in Raytown Missouri, here it is... and if not, you can scroll on through and see this adorable little munchkin!

As you all probably know by now, newborn photography is my JAM! I LOVE it! I love working with these tiny little babes. And while I enjoy it in all capacities, when I’m able t get outdoors and use my beautiful surroundings as a backdrop... well... nothing beats that for me!

Spring has sprung here in Raytown! And seriously, how could I possibly resist the opportunity to photograph a newborn in the beautiful blooming tulips?! I couldn’t.. and that’s why we’re here folks!

A friend from church invited me to a play date at C. Lee Kenagy Park, and that’s when I first spotted the location for this shoot. There were little bits of green leaves popping up i this darling planter! I wasn’t even 100% sure what kind of flowers they would turn out to be! But seeing the rustic looking, staggered wood planks running through the planter, an those tips of green leaves, sparked my vision for this session! And once I see an image in my head like that, I can’t ignore it!

One worry I had for this session, was spectators! Previous outdoor newborn sessions I’ve done have been in pretty low-key locations, however, for this session I knew this park would be busy! I get SO self-conscious and nervous about people watching me while I’m in my zone. I was worried people would be confused by what I was doing. Like, “Who’ the crazy lady taking photos of a newborn baby, in a bucket, in the flowers?!” Yup that’s me.. I’m awkward.. and I know it..

To my surprise, what I thought would be blank stares, turned out to be oohs and ahhs. Comments about how precious and tiny she is, and how darling she looked surrounded by tulips! That literally made my heart SO happy!!

In some weird way the reactions gave me validation. Maybe I shouldn’t need that... but sometimes I think to myself, “am I weird for being so obsessed with babies?!” Am I weir for constantly gushing and swooning over each newborn I photograph? I often catch myself smiling as I edit, because seeing their sweet, perfect little faces just makes me happy!

It is always my hope to put a little smile on your face, or in your heart, with the images I create. Today I share with you this beautiful little girl, Gigi!