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Today I'm here to tell you all about Thein An's session. Thein An visited my home studio in the Kansas City area, on her 19th day of life! You might be surprised to find out that her age at the time of the shoot is actually on the "older" side for when I typically take newborn photos. I aim for newborn photoshoots to be between 7-14 days old. There's lots of reasons for this, but mostly that is when they are still sleeping lots, and unbothered by being posed. However, each little baby I work with is SO different, and I never know exactly what I'm going to get. That is part of what makes newborn photography such an adventure for me.


This little darling was very curious during our whole session! She was bright eyed from the beginning, and not at all camera shy. I loved that she would look straight into the camera, which made for some adorable shots. Usually once I've got a newborn all wrapped up they feel secure, warm and cozy, and fall right to sleep. But not Thein An! Each time I moved her to a new pose, she wanted to know what was going on. So while these images of her may look like she was a sleepy little thing, there was definitely a lot of effort going on behind the scenes to capture these. This is one of the main reasons my newborn sessions are typically around 3 hours long. That time allows for feeding baby, soothing them to sleep, and a lot of time to get them into each pose, and get it looking perfect. I would guess I only spend about 30% of that time actually using my camera.


There is definitely no rushing when it comes to newborns, and everything I do always follows the baby's lead. I pay close attention to their cues for hunger, and comfort. I can often tell when a baby is gassy, and I try my best to help them out, while working through their session. Some babies are sensitive to touch and movement, which can mean more time needed to get them posed. Some are bright eyed and need more time for cuddles and rocking. And others sleep right through the whole thing, though those are the most rare.

If you're preparing for a newborn session, whether with me or another photographer, my biggest advice to prepare you would be to have a lot of patience. All these beautiful images of sleepy little babies we see, is just the end result. There is loads of work that actually goes into each shot that only the parents and photographer will see. So, trust the process, and your photographer; because the outcome is so worth it!

Want to see more? Check out this outdoor maternity session I did, when Thein An was still in mama's belly!

lee's summit newborn photography baby girl awake looking at camera
newborn photographer lee's summit, missouri baby girl in blue wrap boho style in basket
close up profile shot of baby girl on brown blanket with rustic headband
parents holding baby swaddled in wrap
mother cuddling sleeping newborn baby girl black and white image
mom and dad together holding and looking at their baby
dad holding sleeping baby against chest black and white images
collage of family photos mom and dad holding sleeping newborn
newborn in boho styled prop with lace fringe and dried fox tail plants
close up black and white profile of baby in boho prop flower headband
sleeping baby on peach blanket wrapped in floral scarf
baby laying on back on peach blanket
close up of newborn girl's toes and fingers
close up of baby girl sleeping on tummy on brown blanket back rolls visable
baby sleeping cuddled up on tummy on brown blanket rustic headband
newborn sleeping chin resting on back of hands draped in boho scarf
close up profile of infant in black and white with feather boho headband