Oh boy, was this a great year for this little guy's dad or what?! This session is a couple years old (January 2020), but with the 2022 Super Bowl right around the corner, I couldn't help but remember this session with Kyler and his family. What an exciting time it was!

Baby Kyler's newborn session was booked for January 20, 2020, the day after the AFC championship game... Now let me stop right here and say, I really don't know much about football, and I totally had to look up what that game was called 🤣. But, in simple terms for those who are on my level, it was the game that determined which team would head to the Super Bowl. Of course, you might have guessed by now that the Chiefs won that game, securing their spot to play (and go on to win) the 2020 Super Bowl.

Aside from Kyler's dad being a Chiefs fan, he runs a shop on Amazon, selling t-shirts. I got a text from Kyler's mom the night before our session, trying to figure out what we could do, because dad wasn't going to be able to make it for their session. His amazon shop had gotten a large amount of orders for Chiefs gear, because of the win, and he couldn't step away from work as he was tirelessly filling the inundation of orders. We ended up doing this session two separate days; Kyler's portion one day, and the family photos days later.

I'm sure this is a time that this family will always remember! I just love that we were able to include something special for dad in their session, during such an exciting time in their lives. Of course, 2020 will forever be ingrained in all of our minds for reasons I know I don't have to mention, but this was really a highlight for those of us in the Kansas City area, and who root for the Chiefs.

Of course, we got some other beautiful images of little Kyler and his family. I love the soft neutral tones, and textures, they wore for their family photos. These soft tones really give way to classy timeless photos; they compliment skin tones well, and give focus to individuals, and the beauty of their connection. Take a look at this darling little guy and his beautiful family!