A new week, a new blog post, for this Kansas City maternity photographer!! I am SOO excited to share my first maternity session since being here in the Kansas City area!!!

Ahhh I have so so so much I want to share about this session, I don’t even know where to start... I guess the best place is at the beginning, right?! Adrianna contacted me just 4 days before this session took place. She had found me through a Google search for a photographer in the Trenton, Missouri area. I felt horrible that my email back to her was goin

to be a let down, that I was no longer in the area, but was almost 2 hours away now!

Side note: I’m still in the process of getting my website switched over from Trenton to the Kansas City area.. and let me tell you, IT. IS. A. PROCESS!!! Ugh! Anyways, back to the story!

I was flattered, and a little skeptical, when Adrianna said they were willing to travel to me for their maternity session. I found out that these two were flying into Kansas City from California, then driving 2 hours, to spend time with family in Trenton for Jeff’s birthday. I was positive Adrianna would rethink spending another 4 hours in the car for maternity photos the next day. By the time we’d emailed back and forth a bit, and I realized she was sure she wanted to make the drive, we were down to 2 days until the only time they had to squeeze the session in!! I quickly scrambled to find a location, send over the contract and invoice, and we were all set!

On top of being hugely flattered at her determination that I was the one to photograph this special time, I feel extremely blessed to have shared and hour with these two! Adrianna and Jeff are so down to earth and incredibly sweet. The conversation flowed easily, and I felt like I could have talked to them all day!! But alas, we had a purpose... so I got to work photographing them!

As soon as I stepped back, and looked through my camera, I could feel the love Adrianna and Jeff share. I could see how much Jeff adores Adrianna, and absolutely loved being close to her in any way. Adrianna’s face lit up anytime she looked at him, even if he was behind me while I took portraits of her alone. I fell in love with their love!

It is so refreshing to experience this kind of love! I am always so thankful when the people I photograph allow me a glimpse into what their love looks, and feels like. It’s the kind of love that reminds me that I could love a little more in my own relationships. And above all, it’s exactly the kind of love that their little girl will be so blessed to have surrounding

her. Adrianna and Jeff, you are going to make such a beautiful family, and I am so excited for you to become parents!!! 

Sarah Savage

Kansas City Maternity Photographer

P.S. Jeff was cracking me up with popping out in the background when I was taking pictures of Adrianna and I just couldn’t help but share a couple. I think this just shows how fu loving and happy these two are. I had such a blast with them!