Welcome back to the blog!


I love getting to check in with all of you here, and share sessions I've had going on. Over the last few years living in Raytown, Missouri, I haven't been doing a whole lot with my business. I've only had a handful of maternity and newborn sessions from those who've somehow found my virtually dead Facebook page, and I've got some catching up to do sharing those with all of you.

For those who know me, or have been following me a while, you know that we've moved around quite a bit. My husband transitioning out of the military meant some moving, and temporary situations while we got back on our feet after his career change. This all made it pretty difficult to get my business back up and running. When we finally settled here in Raytown, I struggled with burn out from trying to limp my business along with us everywhere we'd been. Add on top of all that having another baby, and my business was put on the back burner for quite some time.


I'm happy and excited to get back to it though! Things are slow going while I work on revamping my business, and getting my name out there. Building clientele is always one of the hardest things when it comes to having a photography business. I was seeing success when we lived in North Carolina, and was just starting to take off before we had to leave California. I'm so thankful for the clients here in the Kansas City area, who have trusted me, and chosen to work with me. I am ESPECIALLY grateful to those I've worked with, who have taken the time to write reviews for my business, as this helps me and my business tremendously, and in many ways.


Anyway, enough about me. I am excited to share this maternity session with all of you! Nuong was sent my way by her friends who bought her a gift certificate for my maternity and newborn package. I love the idea of giving photography sessions as a gift. Of course, I might be a little biased when I say I truly believe that this is such an incredibly important time for a woman and family, and should most definitely be documented. Professional photos are a wonderful way to beautifully preserve, and showcase, these moments for years to come.


Nuong and I decided on Longview Lake in Lee's Summit, Missouri for her maternity session with her husband. I was really looking forward to using this location for their session, and it didn't disappoint. Nuong and Khoa expressed how much they loved nature and how peaceful it was. I was surprised that for such a nice evening in late October, we were the only ones in this little area of Longview Lake. The seemingly late signs of the season changing this year, made for a lovely mix of greens and browns that were simply beautiful.


Nuong and Khoa were so easy and fun to work with. I can't wait to share the photos I did of their darling little girl. Be sure to check back, as I'll be sharing those really soon! For now, check out their photos ⬇️

Want to meet Khoa & Nuong's sweet baby girl? Click on over to see her studio newborn photoshoot!

couple standing together with hands on woman's pregnant belly
man and pregnant woman holding hands standing in grassy field
collage of images of man and pregnant woman together
couple kissing and holding woman's belly
lee's summit maternity photoshoot at longview lake
man and woman holding hands walking in field with lake in background
couple on a path lined with thick lush green bushes
couple holding each other foreheads touching
couple posed for maternity photos at longview lake in lee's summit
maternity woman sitting with man on blanket looking out at water
pregnant woman cradling her belly looking out at lake
pregnant woman smiling down at belly hand gently on her chest black and white image
couple kissing by waters edge
couple cuddled together