IMG_1955 copyHey there, I’m Sarah Savage! I’m a wife, mother, professional people watcher… oh yeah, and a portrait photographer who specializes in maternity and newborn photography.

My journey with photography has been an ever-evolving process! It happened something like this: high school classes, working at children’s portrait studios, college classes, and the development of my own photography business in 2013.

Learning photography offers an infinite amount of possibilities! Whether you want to capture timeless photos of your growing children and family, or develop it into a way to support them.

My goal is to help you learn skills you can use in your life as you develop your love for photography!

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Beginner Photography Workshop


This is a face-to-face workshop that will focus on transitioning you from shooting in automatic modes on your camera, to shooting fully manual. You will be learning the functions and fundamentals of shooting with your digital camera.