Jacksonville NC Photographer | Cody

Oh to be a kid again. Juice boxes, animal crackers, playing at the park, naps (though they don’t always know this is a perk now)… not to mention no bills or responsibilities other than being ridiculously adorable. 
These parents make some adorable children! And I think between Cody’s big eyes and perfect smile and Alex being her adorable little girl self, they have a piece of my heart. I’ve got to photograph them a few times now, and each time is an adventure! This session was no different as we set out to Hospital Point, Camp Lejeune NC for Cody’s First Birthday photos! 
Cody wasn’t really sure about me this time around.  I was lucky enough to snap a few shots before he decided that he wasn’t having any of his photo session business. We took a break and as he played on the jungle gym equipment I couldn’t help but continue to photograph him. He went from not really sure about what was going on, to full on adventure mode. It was refreshing to take those moments and see the world through his eyes.
I am in love the shot of him with his back towards the camera looking ahead at the jungle gym. I know it isn’t a very traditional shot, and might seem like an out take to some but I couldn’t help but love it. The world is so big for little Cody and I love the spirit of adventure that he surely has for life. Happy very belated Birthday Cody! <3 
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Dad scooped Cody up and I followed as we walked down to the water. The way he was holding him and cody looking at back at me was just so cute and though it wasn’t a planned shot I couldn’t help myself! IMG_6397.WM